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Questions about Slim Flushtunk

Questions about Slim Flushtunk


Question: If we want to replace the flowcharts, for example, from the left to the right, is this not possible, and it gets into the body of the pump?

Answer: In this case, the pump should be opened and rotated 180 degrees, so that the chassis location is facing the key. In this case, the flutter and pump will be placed together. For more information, see the installation guide in the product box or download it from the site.

Question: After installing and closing the tank door, all tabs are not in place.

Answer: When closing the tank door, the tank should be empty and then the tank door will be placed easily in the place of its tabs. Note that all 8 tabs are correctly positioned.

Q: After installing and connecting the flow of water, the flotter does not freeze or does not interrupt water?

Answer: Cap-Flutter is in the right position, in the direction of the water inlet, and easily and easily down and down without problems.

Q: After installing and checking its performance and discharging, the water is still out of the pipe and is not cut off?

Answer: The distance between the key pins and the chassis above the pump is not regulated. This distance should normally be 1 mm free.

Question: When closing the screws below the pump, it does not rinse well.

Answer: To close the screws below the pump should first tighten the large screw, then tighten the small screws to pump it, otherwise it is possible to break the small screws or unscrew the screws.

Question: Is there a need to use tools and wrenches to tighten the connections to the siphon?

Answer: You do not need any tools to install and tighten the siphon fittings. If you need to change the floodwater dewatering area, you can use the tools provided on the flooder in accordance with the brochure.

Question: Do you think that the flash tank emptying buttons are too tight and do not work well or get stuck?

Answer: To solve this problem, according to the instructions in the manual, drain the drain from the tank and place the keypad pin behind the key into the key and re-tighten the back of the key. Before closing the tanks, close the tank door so that all eight tanks of the tanks are completely in the correct position.








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