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Hediye baran Iranian Company started its official activity in the field of construction of health-care products with the brand name of Iran's flash tank and production of kitchen equipment under the name of Hediye tarazo in Tehran in 1367. The company's production line is capable of producing all kinds of plastic products for all kinds of tank flashlights, shampoo boxes, household scales, as well as new production capacities. Iran's Flash Tank, the first manufacturer of Flushmate driers in Iran, has focused on quality of production, after-sales service and reasonable prices, has quickly become the leading name in the manufacture of healthcare products and has been able to satisfy customers with satisfaction.
The products of this company, which are used in the home and building sectors, and due to the existence of a quality control unit, is capable of competing in global markets. In the quality control laboratory, as well as in the injection and assembly hall, the necessary controls are made on the parts made, the inputs and the final products, and the products supplied to the market are of high quality and in accordance with the standards of the world today. With over three decades of experience and knowledge of senior executives, creativity and innovation of engineers in the field of research and development and the use of new technologies in production lines, the company has consistently taken the path of providing innovative and environmentally friendly products. At the moment, Iran's Flash Tank, the largest
Flushmate center, is the only manufacturer of the built-in tanks flash and the tiniest flash of tanks in Iran.





Hediye baran Iranian Company has not only required itself to comply with national standards, but also with the National Iranian Standards Organization, has always been one of the effective members in the formulation and editing of national standards in the field related to their activities. The company is committed, in accordance with its line of business, to supply its raw material materials through reliable sources with standard quality certificates.All products of this company are based on Iran's national standard ISIRI 7351 and international standard EN 14055.At the moment, the company has begun extensive efforts to obtain ISO certification.







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No. 27, (Nakh Zarrin) Street 22 , in front of the Shahab Khodro, 10 km of Karaj road, Tehran

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