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About Iran Flash Tank Company

Hedyeh Baran Iranian Company is one of the largest manufacturers of construction sanitary ware in Iran and operates under the brand name of Flash Tank Iran. The activity of this activity reaches four decades and this complex has officially launched its production line since 1360

In addition to the production of various construction hygiene products, the production line of kitchen scales is also one of the other activities of the Iranian Rain Gift Company. For many of us the brand of gift scales is engraved.

Therefore, Iranian Rain Gift, with two commercial and effective titles in the history of Iranian goods, has produced various types of mechanized siphons (washbasins), various types of Val Hong sanitary bowls, shampoo boxes, and various types of weighing scales and kitchen with the best quality.

But the production of these products will not be the end point of this dynamic collection, and without a doubt, the production line of Iranian rain gift will be able to add new products to its product list in the future in accordance with the needs of Iranians. Iran is evident; At present, this complex is the first and largest specialized center for the production of mechanized siphons (leachate), the only manufacturer of built-in flash tanks and the thinnest built-in flash tanks in Iran.

Flash Tank Iran, with its focus on production quality, after-sales service and reasonable prices, quickly became one of the most successful and well-known brands in the production of construction health products.



Satisfying customers, producing various products with practical design, using high quality raw materials and after-sales service, is the policy of Iranian Rain Gift Collection. This collection competes with well-known brands with the most up-to-date equipment and quality raw materials. All products pass through the filter of the quality control laboratory, and in the injection and assembly unit, all production parts are inspected so that finally, quality and standard products reach the customer. In addition to successful and high quality production, Hedyeh Baran Iranian Company, with the help of its support team, strives to provide the best after-sales service for its products.


Flash Tank Iran, with the support of four decades of experience and knowledge of senior managers, creativity of engineers, applied innovations of designers and the use of modern equipment in the production line, has entered the Iranian market with standard and high quality products. In addition to maintaining quality, we try to increase the variety of our products day by day and reduce the need for Iranians to buy products produced in foreign markets. We hope that our circle of customers will expand with the good taste of you dear ones and the efforts of the experienced staff of the factory production line.



Hedyeh Baran Iranian Company not only adheres to the observance of national standards, but also has always been one of the effective members in compiling and editing national standards in the field related to its activities, with the care of the National Standards Organization of Iran.

Based on the drawn policy, the company is committed to supplying raw materials for production lines from reputable centers with quality certifications.

For this reason, all the products of this company have entered the production market according to the national standard of Iran ISIRI 7351 and the international standard EN14055.
At present, this set of measures has started to obtain ISO standard certification.



Contact us98+ :(21)   3004 50 44     

Contact us98+ :(21)   3004 50 44



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